Lauren Ackerman is the bipolar former history teacher at Ridgway Middle School seen in iHave a Lovesick Teacher

Ms. Ackerman suddenly became a fun teacher when she and Spencer started dating. However, when he broke up with her, she began behaving worse than ever. She appeared on iCarly, and they had the viewers vote on whether she and Spencer should make up or break up. While on the web show, she revealed that she downloaded 500 illegal songs for Spencer from a sharing music website. Carly made sure that the police were watching and the next day, she was arrested.


  • She is one of the few women Spencer dated whom he disliked.
  • It is hinted that she's only fun and happy when someone is dating her, (except for her control issues) but nasty and mean when the date breaks up with her.
  • The fans of iCarly voted for them to break up.

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